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 ADDICTION’s mission statement

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PostSubject: ADDICTION’s mission statement    Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:30 pm


A multi-game clan community for extreme gamers.

We offer many games that we team together to play. There will be one central command structure for CLAN ADDICTION with sub clan masters for the verity of games played by ADDICTION's members. The following requirements must be meet to have a new game added to the "ADDICTION's GAMES" section; a minimum of three ADDICTION members must play the same game and be a part of the same sub clan for that game.

Membership advantages:

1. ADDICTION members are privy to the use of ADDICTION’s ventrilo server; supported by your donations.
2. Use of our first class Forum.
3. An international community of extreme gamers, where in you can learn from the best and come share in a free exchange of information about particular games.

What we ask from you:

1. All members are asked to be active and participate here on our multi-game clan community forum.
2. To donate what you can when you can to the general fund which supports our Ventrilo server.
3. To remember this is community for all so please treat each other with respect. Even more than that I hope that members would go as far as to consider each other friends.

Other than that there is not much more to add; just good games and have fun.

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ADDICTION’s mission statement
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